FNL Exclusive: Marco Rubio Talks VP Ticket with Juan Williams

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In this Fox News Latino exclusive interview, Florida Senator Marco Rubio discusses why he won't be the GOP's nominee for Vice President.

JUAN WILLIAMS: When people look at you, Marco Rubio, and hear you say “I will not be Vice President or accept this nomination,” they think...why?

MARCO RUBIO: Well first of all, I ran to be a U.S. senator and I’m a U.S. senator from the state of Florida, a big state with a lot of diverse issues that need to be confronted in Washington D.C. And I’m focused on that job. I think that’s where I can best serve our nation right now and that’s what I’m focused on.

JUAN WILLIAMS: Jeb Bush, former governor of Florida, said you’re his pick and he also endorses Romney.

MARCO RUBIO: He’s my pick. I want Jeb Bush to be Vice President, how’s that?

JUAN WILLIAMS: Seriously, you are holding to this line that you will not accept it?

MARCO RUBIO: I’m not going to be the Vice President nominee.


MARCO RUBIO: Because I’m focused on my job in the senate. That’s where my mind is, that’s where my heart is, that’s what I want it to be.

JUAN WILLIAMS: What if it’s the difference between winning and losing for Republicans?

MARCO RUBIO: First of all, always these hypothetical questions are dangerous. And it isn’t going to be the choice between winning and losing. You know, you don’t win or lose a presidential race on a VP pick. You win or lose on the competing visions for the future of our country. And I think we Republicans have an opportunity to offer a very clear contrast to the direction that Barack Obama has taken and wants to continue to take the U.S.

JUAN WILLIAMS: And you think that vision, that contrast in visions, can be sold to Latinos in America?

MARCO RUBIO: Absolutely, all the communities in America. None understand economic empowerment, upward mobility, better than the Latino community, who live it every single day, which is the reason why they are here to begin with. And the best system in the world for upward mobility and economic empowerment is the American free enterprise system and, which I would argue, the Democratic agenda is undermining.

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