First Family Sends out Holiday Card

The First Family has begun sending out holiday cards. The cream colored card has a thin maroon border with a gold wreath and gold presidential seal. The outside of the card reads "Seasons Greetings" and the inside inscription says "May your family have a joyous holiday season and a new year blessed with hope and happiness."

As with previous administrations, the card is paid for by the President's political party. In this case, the Democratic National Committee.   A DNC spokesperson told Fox News, "the Obamas will be celebrating Christmas, but they recognize, like previous Presidents, that other Americans are celebrating other holidays this time of year. So, like previous administrations including President George W. Bush's, their holiday card offers the season's greetings to everyone who receives it."

President Obama is not the first White House occupant to leave off "Merry Christmas" in his card but those who did, like George W. Bush and Bill Clinton, often included a Biblical scripture with their holiday greeting.