Final Battle for Specter’s Seat

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The polling station wasn’t even opened when voters started to arrive to cast their ballot in Zionsville Pennsylvania.

Among the first to vote was Tea Party backed Republican Pat Toomey, who is running for the seat being vacated by five term Senator Arlen Specter.

Toomey waited in line about 20 minutes with his wife and two kids before voting.  The process was a family affair with the kids accompanying their father to the voting machine.

Toomey a former investment banker and former congressman was hopeful he would beat his democratic rival retired Navy Admiral, Congressman Joe Sestak. Toomey told Fox News “ I’m very optimistic, not so much based on any polls but based on the intensity an the enthusiasm that our supporters have across the commonwealth.”

The two men could not be more different.

Toomey has campaigned on a platform calling for tax cuts and an end to big government. Sestak has aligned himself with President Obama supporting the health reform bill and financial stimulus bill. Sestak told reporters that voters “want someone who will represent them, and I intend to be a public servant, not a politician.”

Sestak who also voted early this morning campaigned in the predominantly democratic Philadelphia area. Toomey meanwhile made a quick tour of the state to thank volunteers.

Toomey when asked by a reporter if the Republicans have a chance at taking control of the Senate  responded by saying simply “we’ve got a shot at it.”