Expect Effort to Cut NPR Funding in the House Thursday

We are expecting House Republicans to make an effort on the floor this morning to slash federal funding for NPR.

It's part of the YouCut program, initiated by House Minority Whip Eric Cantor (R-VA). The public votes online on programs to cut and NPR was the winner (or loser, depending on your perspective) this week.

This is largely a symbolic vote in the aftermath of the Juan Williams firing.

NPR gets a fraction of its budget from the federal government. But many of its stations receive money from the quasi-governmental agency the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB). The stations sometimes then use CPB money to "purchase" programs from NPR.

This effort is not directed at defunding the CPB. It would only ban federal dollars from going directly to NPR.

Moreover, we expect Democrats to try to table, or set aside the effort. So we probably won't have a direct, up or down vote on cutting NPR. It will probably be a few steps removed parliamentarily.

We expect the vote midday today, but that timeframe is fluid.

Juan Williams is a Fox News Contributor.