EXCLUSIVE: Cantor Accuses House Dem Leadership of "malfeasant manner"

Fox News has exclusively obtained a copy of a resolution to be offered on the floor shortly by House Minority Whip Eric Cantor (R-VA) accusing the House Democratic leadership team of “deceptive behavior” and operating in a “malfeasant manner” to pass the Senate’s health care reform bill by using the special two-step parliamentary tactic.

In the resolution, Cantor says that the “Democratic leadership has willfully abused its power to chart a legislative course for the Senate health care bill that is deliberately calculated to obfuscate what the House will vote on, in an illegitimate effort to confuse the public and thereby fraudulently insulate certain Representatives from accountability.”

It is rare for the leadership of one party to fire such heated invective at the leadership of the other party.

This resolution is “privileged,” meaning it goes to the front of the legislative line. The House must either deal with this issue right away or it can delay it for 48 hours.

Either way, when the House does deal with the resolution, expect some fireworks on the floor. The House Democratic leadership team is expected to move to table or set aside Cantor’s resolution. If that’s the case, Republicans will call for a vote on the Democrats’ motion. Thus the vote won’t actually be on Cantor’s resolution. It will be on whether to table Cantor’s resolution.

Click here to see Cantor's resolution offered on the House floor.

UPDATE:The House has moved to table, or set aside Cantor’s resolution, permanently killing it.

UPDATE 2: The vote was 232 to 181. Ten Democrats broke ranks and sided with Republicans not to table. To see the complete vote breakdown click here.