Ernst: 'I will be the next United States senator from Iowa'

Iowa Republican Senate hopeful Joni Ernst predicted on Thursday a victory over Democratic challenger Rep. Bruce Braley in a high-profile race that could shift the balance of power on Capitol Hill.

"It is going to be a tight race," Ernst said on Fox News' "America's Newsroom." "I think we are going to finish strong and I believe I will be the next United States senator from Iowa."

"I feel very good about where we are," she said.

A recent Quinnipiac University poll showed Ernst ahead by four points in a contest that is on track to be one of the most expensive Senate races in U.S. history. Ernst believes the poll, released Wednesday, reflects both support for her and disapproval of the president's "failed policies."

"President Obama has a very low approval rating here in Iowa," she said. "Congressman Braley has supported him and his failed policies, and Iowans want to see a change. They want to see someone who does have experience when it comes to foreign policy and military affairs, someone that has done great things under the leadership of Governor Terry Branstad."

"Iowa's on its way up and most Iowans feel that America is moving backwards."

Ernst defended her decision not to sit down with The Des Moines Register editorial board, a move that Hillary Clinton slammed as "disqualifying in Iowa."

"I think that would hurt me at this point," Ernst said of having a meeting. "They made it very clear in a number of editorials that they would not be supporting my candidacy."

"It's better for me to be on the road visiting with Iowans than to sit in front of a board that was not going to endorse me," she said.