Early Morning Inauguration Day

Sitting in hair and makeup - the stylists have been here since 3:30am and are exhausted - they slept for only a few hours at the home of one of our booker's, some on his kitchen floor, others scattered about the house. It's all b/c u can't get into d.c. from Virginia this morning (bridges closed), so they had to sleep in d.c.

Cannot believe how many ppl are out on the streets at 5am - might as well be 5pm - hundreds and hundreds!! They are heading to the mall now - six hours ahead of the swearing-in - just to get their spots watching it on the big screens.

Pat my producer had to go to my hotel room to get my credentials for me b/c I forgot them - he said there were about 300 ppl lined up around the Starbucks. It's crazy here!