Democratic Activists Plan Protest to Dump Trash at Boehner's Home Saturday

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Confronted with the possibility of a shutdown in basic services, a group of Facebook users in Washington, D.C., wants to take its aggression out on House Speaker John Boehner -- playing a dirty trick to make the point.

Democratic activists, angry that Washington residents pay taxes but have no voting representation in Congress, have set up a Facebook page to urge protesters to dump their trash outside Boehner's home if the government shuts down Friday night.

"Speaker John Boehner is ready to shut down the government, including DC city services like trash collection. Well, if he won't allow us to use OUR TAX DOLLARS to pick it up, maybe we should just BRING IT TO HIM," the Facebook page says.

Because much of the nation's capital is run on federal money, trash collection in the city would be halted if the government shuts down.

Democrats Jonah Goodman and Nolan Treadway organized the trash-dumping day. Goodman identifies himself as the lead designer for the Democratic National Committee's website until December and Treadway says he is the political and logistics director for the liberal group Netroots Nation.

So far, more than 5,600 people have committed to protesting at Boehner's house Saturday morning. But reaction from Facebook users has been mixed, judging by the comments on the page.

Amanda Sasser Klaus said she's taking her trash to the White House.

User Galactic Stone, who lives in Florida, said he likes the idea and wants to know whether he can mail some trash to Washington for the effort.

"How fitting that a piece of garbage will receive garbage. LOL," Stone wrote.

Adel Thalos, however, objected to the proposal. "This is one of the most offensive actions I have come across. If you thugs actually go through with these disgusting actions, you should absolutely be arrested, fined and jailed. You are encouraging and condoning unlawful hate-filled actions. "

The organizers say that their protest isn't over a budget not getting passed in Congress but rather the lack of control that DC's local government has over its own affairs, which would be made painfully clear during a work stoppage.

"Fortunately, our mayor can exempt our police, firefighters and teachers but most of the rest of our local government will shut down because members of Congress won't give us autonomy to budget and spend our own money," they write. "We are protesting at Speaker Boehner's house because he has the power to put bills on the floor of the House he controls to fix this."

They are asking Boehner to support three bills pending in the House that would lift give DC more control over its budget.

When in Washington, Boehner resides on Capitol Hill, but his spokesman Michael Steel responded that protesters may have to travel farther.

"The speaker's house is in Ohio," he told