Deciding Illinois' 8th District Congressional Race

With a slim 347-votes lead for Republican challenger Joe
Walsh, today, the last of the votes will be counted in Illinois’ 8th Congressional
District. Democratic incumbent Melissa Bean needs to win a lopsided majority of the remaining absentee
and provisional votes to keep her seat in the U-S House.

First to open ballots of the three counties is McHenry
County. (Cook and Lake counties will open their ballots in the 8th district contest later today.)

McHenry County Clerk Kathy Schultz announces in the IL-08
District has 25 absentee ballots and 5 provisional ballots. All the ballots have been pre-screened for postmarks (must
be postmarked by November 1st or earlier) and signatures. Absentee ballots had until today to arrive.

count on the 30 Mc Henry County ballots went:

Walsh   -    17

Bean     -     12

The Green Party candidate Bill Scheurer got one vote.

That makes Walsh’s lead now 352 votes over Bean.

Next up, Cook County.