Debates, polls silence Libertarian Virginia gubernatorial candidate

Virginians will have three options in November when they mark their choice for governor on the ballot.

But you wouldn't know it from scanning coverage of the contentious race for the commonwealth's highest seat in public office.

It's hard to turn on the TV, read a tweet or open a web browser without seeing ads - usually attack ads -- for either Republican Ken Cuccinelli or Democrat Terry McAuliffe. Many pollsters and debate gatekeepers, not to mention media outlets, are leaving Libertarian Robert Sarvis out of the conversation entirely.

And they won't say why.

"I'm talking about issues that just aren't being talked about," Sarvis said in an interview with, mentioning pension reform, decriminalizing minor drug offenses, creating a preferential-free and simple tax system and shrinking Virginia's reliance on the federal government.

It's an election year that seems like the perfect storm for a third option since voters don't view either candidate very favorably. But recognition is an uphill battle for third-party candidates like Sarvis, who has never held public office.

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