David Jolly says ObamaCare frustration a major issue in Florida special House election

Representative-elect David Jolly, R-Fla., said Tuesday on "The Kelly File" that his victory in a special election reflects some of the frustration voters feel about ObamaCare and the role of government in their lives.

"We know (ObamaCare) represents a view of government that is of great concern to people across this country, and in this community as well," he told host Megyn Kelly. "The president's health care plan has hurt people in (Pinellas County)."

Still, Jolly said, the race came down to local issues and competing theories about the role of government.

"The concern about ObamaCare is a view of government, that has more government in our lives, more government in our businesses, it cripples the economy, it hurts employment. There's an individual mandate that people cannot embrace as a view of government that they think is right for the future of our country," he said. "But at the end of the day, ObamaCare just represents a view of government that has been put forward by this president, and I think many people reject."

Jolly also dismissed House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi's downplaying of the Florida race's importance.

"I think my new colleague Nancy Pelosi might be engaging in some spin control this evening," Jolly said, to wild cheers from his supporters.

Jolly concluded by saying that he will be turning to making sure he's re-elected in the general midterm race this November, even if the campaign has a different look.

"The only difference is our community will be spared $10 million in negative commercials in November," he said.