Critical Senator Keeps an Open Mind on Obama Health Care Plan

While President Obama readies his new and improved health care reform pitch to be revealed tomorrow, some of his potential critics are keeping an open mind. "Nobody has seen what he's proposing so I think that rather than speculate on it, we wait until tomorrow and see what it is and see if it's some of the same problems that we saw before," Senator Tom Coburn (R-OK) told Fox News today.

Coburn is a self-professed proponent of limiting waste and abuse in the health care system.

Despite many of his GOP colleagues hoping for a DOA status for any of the current health care reform plans being floated, Coburn indicated Mr. Obama's re-write is not necessarily destined for failure, "If it's...a refreshing new look and new approach that really drives down costs for the American public in terms of health care, then it will be worth considering."

All indications are Mr. Obama will pare down previous plans, but the key for Coburn will be whether it addresses specific concerns, "If we come out with a smaller, but government-centered program that puts the government in charge of health care, rather than patients in charge of health care, even though they might include some of this [what Republicans are looking for] it's not going to be what the doctor ordered, one. Number two, it's not gonna significantly lower costs and the costs are the problem."

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