Congressman's office has perfect response to anti-due process advocates


In a response to an article about victims' advocacy groups opposing a congressional bill that would promote more police involvement in campus sexual assault accusations, a spokesman for Rep. Matt Salmon, R-Ariz., provided the perfect summation of the current climate.

Salmon, the lead sponsor of the Safe Campus Act, has been arguing that police — not campus administrators — should be the ones handling accusations of felonies. Opponents of the bill claim it would have a chilling effect on reporting (more on the misinformation about this bill later).

"Colleges and universities are institutions of higher education. They are not investigatory bodies, law enforcement professionals, nor are they a part of the judicial system established and guaranteed by our Constitution," said Tristan Daedalus, Salmon's spokesman. "The Safe Campus Act mandates that institutions of higher learning follow the same laws as off-campus landlords, religious institutions, private sector employers, and government agencies when dealing with the heartbreaking consequences of rape and sexual assault in our society."