Congressional Calendar May 14, 2010

Most members are back home, but we still have a full slate of Congressional stories lined up for Friday.

Carl Cameron travels to Pennsylvania to provide an update on the Democratic Senate primary between Sen. Arlen Specter and Rep. Joe Sestak. Specter switched parties because he thought it would be easier to win as a Democrat. Now he’s hanging on for life and starting to trail in polls ahead of Tuesday’s primary.

Arizona’s new anti-immigration law has moved the issue up the line on Capitol Hill. Jim Angle takes a look at what Hispanic groups feel should be done about illegal immigrants.

What’s past is prologue when trying to divine the ideology of a Supreme Court nominee. As Solicitor General Elena Kagan moves through the confirmation process, dozens of folks will be looking back to see what Kagan might do in the future. James Rosen takes a look at her time in the Clinton White House to see what her work there can tell us about her views on a host of issues.

It’s finally Friday, but Fox News isn’t going to slack off before the weekend because we never stop bringing you the news, fair and balanced.