Condign punishment for scammers

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How to get rid of "Windows Tech Support" scammers, who tell you that they will clean viruses from your laptop if you let them take control of your computer? A suggestion comes from a commenter to a blogpost on the subject (hat tip, Ed Driscoll at Glenn Reynolds's Instapundit):

"I tell them they have reached a security office in the NSA and that while I may disagree with the policy it is agency policy to call in a drone strike against scammers. I tell them I realize this is extreme, but national security is at stake. I tell them their IP has been identified, their location has been pinpointed by satellite and an armed drone is en route to their location. I advise them to leave the structure they are in and to warn their fellow employees to do likewise and not to stop running until they are at least one thousand feet away. As I hang up I tell them I will pray for them and sincerely hope that Almighty God will protect them."

No, I'm not advocating you do this. It's certainly unethical and quite possibly illegal for you to impersonate a National Security Agency security officer. And it's possible that scam center employees taking your advice will injure themselves in the course of fleeing the buildings their operations are housed in (which quite possibly are not up to code). Moreover, I suspect that many of the people who work for these scam operations, like the ever-calling Cardholder Services, do so out of something like desperation. It surely can't be a source of satisfaction.