Clinton’s new push in toss-up states includes Tim Kaine's first Spanish-language ad

Two new Spanish-language ads are being released by the Hillary Clinton campaign Tuesday in an effort to appeal to Latino voters in the crucial swing states of Florida, Ohio and Nevada — all states where Clinton's lead against Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has tightened in recent weeks.

One of them, a radio ad called "Invitación," or "Invitation," is also the first Spanish-language spot for Clinton’s running mate, Tim Kaine.

"Raise your voice and vote," says Kaine, who speaks Spanish fluently after his time as a Jesuit volunteer in Honduras as a young man, a life-changing experience he highlights in the spot: "I learned the importance of the values of faith, family and working hard," he says.

"And just as Hillary invited me, I now invite you all to join this campaign," Kaine adds.

Meanwhile, in her new TV ad "Dependen de Nosotros" or "They Depend on Us," Clinton touts her plan to help families with the costs of child care and college tuition, as well as by achieving equal pay for women.

"Soy Hillary Clinton, and I approved this message," the Democratic presidential candidate says at the end.

In a statement about the ads, Clinton's camp says that "Trump espouses dangerous and bigoted proposals," while Clinton and Kaine are committed to protect "the promise of America — where it's not where you come from but where you are going that matters."

According to the latest Quinnipiac swing state poll, in two of the states where the ads will air the race is deadlocked in a statistical dead heat.

In Florida, the candidates are tied with 47 percent support apiece. In Ohio, another critical state with 20 electoral votes, Trump leads Clinton by one point.