Clinton visits New Hampshire, dismisses Trump's claims of voter fraud

Hillary Clinton visited New Hampshire on Tuesday to plug her new book. She used the opportunity to rebuke President Donald Trump’s claims that voter fraud might have led to her victory in the state by a few thousand votes.

About 1,000 people showed up to meet the failed presidential candidate and get a signed copy of her book “What Happened,” which gives her view of why Trump defeated her in the race for the White House.

"I love coming to New Hampshire, and I love the friends that I've made over 25 years now. So any chance I have to come back, I am anxious to take it," Clinton told the crowd.

Clinton carried the state in November last year by a mere 2,736 votes, but Trump has insisted that it was the result of rampant voter fraud in the state, prompting him create a commission to investigate the allegations. Some have suggested that more than 5,000 people who cast ballots might not have been residents of the state.

The former U.S. secretary of state dismissed the allegations, but did not delve into the issue. “Well, you can read my book and find out what I think about that," she said.

Not everyone was glad to see Clinton. Supporters of Bernie Sanders protested at the event, with one fan holding a banner thanking Sanders “for making Medicare 4 All household words.” He said Clinton represents a corrupt system that rewards corporate greed.

"Bernie does not do that, so it's important to spread that word at every opportunity," he said. "Does it do any good? I don't know. I don't really know."

Vermin Supreme, a joke candidate and local novelty, also made an appearance at the protest outside the bookstore where Clinton was speaking, blasting his eccentric message through a megaphone.

“She should go away,” Supreme ally Heather Allain told the Concord Monitor. “She’s a big girl, so she should go put her big girl pants on and find something else to do.”

"She should go away. She’s a big girl, so she should go put her big girl pants on and find something else to do."

— Protester Heather Allain, speaking to the Concord Monitor

Clinton's supporters did not share the sentiments of the protesters, although they appeared to be more energized by the Trump administration than by Clinton’s presence Tuesday.

“Any time he opens his mouth, it's a lie. Don't even get me started,” said 65-year-old Karolyn Carpenter, adding that she believes “Trump is destroying our country.”

The Associated Press contributed to this report.