Clinton Post-June 3 Strategy

The Clinton campaign is strategizing ways to persuade undecided superdelegates to back the former first lady for the Democratic presidential nomination and is laying the ground work for a public campaign to woo them to her side.

Clinton Campaign Chairman Terry McAuliffe denied any public effort to lobby undecided superdelegates is currently contemplated. But numerous sources inside the campaign and sympathetic to it told FOX News that a battle plan is being put together to use any and all possible resources to lobby superdelegates.

Among the ideas under regular discussion is to carry out public rallies, use direct mail and television spots in order to generate broader public support for undecided superdelegates to side with Clinton.

Part of the argument the Clinton campaign will use in this and every other outreach to superdelegates will be that the race is very close in terms of delegates and popular votes.

Clinton touched on this theme Tuesday night, citing the closeness of the race and the "he wins one, she wins one" nature of the campaign.

The other big selling point, also hit by Clinton tonight, is "to count all the votes."

This is a reference to Michigan and Florida, which Clinton said shouldn't be left out of delegate calculations, as they are now due to Democratic National Committee sanctions. Clinton said the nominee shouldn't be chosen "by 48 states."