Christie: GOP has 'gotta get a lot smarter' by attacking Clinton

After his strong performance in the undercard GOP debate, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie said Wednesday morning that the GOP shouldn't be worried about its own internal differences, and should be more focused on Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton.

"On the main stage, what you saw again is a lot of interruptions, a lot of back and forth against each other. But the fact is, the differences between us on that stage, while real, and much less significant than the differences with Hillary Clinton," Christie said on "Fox and Friends" the morning after the fourth GOP debate.

"And I think we gotta get a lot smarter about how we focus our conversation going forward," he said

"You can count on this," he added. "That's how I'm going to focus my conversation going forward. And that's why Hillary Clinton doesn't want me on the debate stage next September, because she knows I'm not going to take my focus off of her for one minute."