Christie as No. 2? Let the Speculation Begin

WASHINGTON -- Chris Christie would be on anybody's short list for a vice presidential running mate, Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney said Wednesday, appearing with his latest supporter to discuss the New Jersey governor's endorsement and assets.

Romney called Christie an "extraordinary person" and "one of the leading figures in the Republican Party" during an interview in which a possible one-two ticket wasn't as forcefully shot down as Christie's final pronouncement he wasn't going to run against Romney for the GOP nomination.

"I can't say that I'd be anybody's good match in that regard, but ultimately that's going to be up to the person who is the presidential nominee to decide who they think is the best person for them, and most importantly, the best person for the country," Christie said.

That's slightly more provocative than his remarks to Fox News on Tuesday night in which he said he has a lot of work to do in New Jersey and is committed to that job. He added he wasn't going to worry about things he had no control over.

Christie said Romney didn't promise him anything in exchange for the endorsement, made Tuesday before the latest Republican presidential debate. As the two appeared together on NBC's "Today" show, Romney said the two are great friends who agree on many issues.