Chavez: "It still smells like sulfur in the world."

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez can't shake the smell of sulfur.

Invoking the same phrase he used in 2006 to refer to former President Bush at the United Nations General Assembly, Mr. Chavez said Friday in Copenhagen that it still smells of sulfur -- this time in reference to President Obama who spoke a short while before him at the Climate Change Conference.

Criticizing Mr. Obama's remarks and calling him the "Nobel Prize of War,"  Mr. Chavez said, "it always smells of sulfur here, " referring to the lectern.

"It smells of sulfur. It still smells like sulfur in the world. The Nobel Prize of War just finished saying here that he is here to act. Well, show it sir. Don't leave by the back door. Eh? Do everything you have to do to adhere to the Kyoto Protocol."

The Venezuelan leader was not on the original list of speakers for the conference's morning session, but was invited to speak by Danish Prime Minister Lars Rasmussen.