Carson: Debt ceiling doubts 'a total bunch of crap'

strong>Boulder, Colo. — Ben Carson has come under some fire for his pledge that he would never increase the nation's debt limit as president. Few if any political insiders take such a proposal seriously, but meeting with reporters before tonight's debate, Carson stuck to his promise when I asked if he believes it is really possible never to raise the ceiling.

"Yes, I think it's eminently possible," Carson said. "But it's important to start at the beginning of the financial cycle and not wait until your back is up against the wall. And that's what they do year after year, or every two years, and it seems like at some point you would learn that there is a better way to do it."

Following up, I asked Carson if he believes it is actually possible to cut spending enough so that the debt limit would never need to rise. "Without question," Carson said. "It is a total fallacy, that is a Nancy Pelosi fallacy, that you can't cut one penny or it will be a disaster. That is a total bunch of crap."