Cain: Stewart Impression Shows 'Problem' With Black Conservatives, But Not Racist

Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain said Tuesday he doesn't think Jon Stewart's recent impression of him was racist, but accused the comedian of singling him out because he is a "black conservative."

Cain was responding to a bit Stewart did on "The Daily Show" poking fun at the candidate's recent comments that he would only allow "small bills, three pages" if elected.

"If I am president, treaties will have to fit on the back of a cereal box. From now on, the State of the Union address will be delivered in the form of a fortune cookie," Stewart joked, trying to mimic Cain's voice. "I am Herman Cain, and I do not like to read!"

Cain, asked about the segment on Fox News, said he didn't think it was "in great taste," though he said it was still "funny."

"The thing about Jon Stewart, first of all, he's a comedian," Cain said. The businessman-turned-candidate suggested the segment derived from a "problem" with black conservatives more than anything.

"I do not believe it was racist, no," Cain said. "Liberals have a problem with black conservatives. With Jon being the liberal that he is, it's more that I'm a black conservative than it is because I happen to be a black man."

Cain also said he was kidding when he first said bills should be three pages.

"The audience got the joke, they laughed," he said. "So obviously Jon Stewart and others didn't get the joke. It was to drive home the point, we don't need complicated large bills."

Stewart, asked about the clip on "Fox News Sunday" more than a week ago, suggested it was no different than impressions he's done of other people.

"Do you want to show me doing all the voices for all the other people that we do?" Stewart asked. "Do you want to see my New York voice? My Chinese guy voice?"