Byron York: What happened when a reporter told Donald Trump the San Bernardino killers were just 'regular people'

Donald Trump was in Iowa Saturday for two rallies, one in Newton and one in Davenport. At the Newton event, Trump took a few questions from reporters. Some were curious about Trump's opinion about neighbors of San Bernardino, Calif., terrorist shooters Syed Farook and Tashfeen Malik. Those neighbors reportedly suspected that something was going on with Farook and Malik but did not want to report them to authorities for fear of racially profiling the Muslim couple. Trump has criticized the neighbors and said people should not be hampered by political correctness if they believe something potentially dangerous is going on.

One reporter apparently thought there was nothing outwardly amiss with Farook and Malik, and challenged Trump to explain his position. What followed was a classic campaign moment:

REPORTER: Mr. Trump, both the people in the shooting, they were regular people, it seemed like, with kids, you know, they didn't seem —

TRUMP: Which people are we talking about?