Bush wishes Trump a 'Happy Anniversary'

Jeb Bush and Donald Trump have traded blows for months on the presidential campaign trail. Bush's supporters have sought to portray the former reality television star as a "chaos candidate" and have released a new ad wishing Trump a "Happy Anniversary."

The Bush campaign is noting that Friday "is the seven year anniversary of Donald Trump praising President Obama and Hillary Clinton on strategy and policy." The ad shows text onscreen that marks the occasion, as a clip from Trump's interview with CNN from Dec. 18, 2008, plays in the background.

"How do you think Barack Obama is doing right now not only in terms of some of the strategy of the policies he's outlining, but in terms of the appointments he's made?" CNN's Wolf Blitzer can be heard asking.

"I think he's doing great. I think Hillary is a great appointment," Trump answers. "I think he's doing a great job."

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