Brzezinski: Dems have a problem if Trump wins

"Morning Joe" co-host Mika Brzezinski argued Friday that the Democratic Party will have a big problem on it's hands if Donald Trump wins the Republican nomination.

Minutes before the GOP front-runner was set to appear on the show, Brzezinski piggybacked off of comments by "Meet The Press" moderator Chuck Todd, who wondered when Republicans will come around to "conventional wisdom" and back the candidate who could best match up with Hillary Clinton. The left-leaning Brzezinski said that Trump is that person.

"Actually, [it's] Trump," Brzezinski told Todd. "If [GOP voters] want someone to beat Hillary Clinton, it would be Trump, because he will do things that none of those candidates will do. I'm not saying it's good, and I'm not saying it's pretty, and I'm not saying it's right."

"But the Democratic Party has a problem if Trump wins the nomination," Brzezinski said.