Bobby's Believers: Conservatives launch draft-Jindal PAC

A group of Republicans who want to see Bobby Jindal elected president are launching a super PAC to boost the Louisiana governor’s 2016 aspirations.

Jindal has yet to announce for president. But organizers of “Believe Again” plan to file papers Thursday and begin an aggressive push to raise money in anticipation of the second-term governor's hoped-for announcement.

Bob Livingston, a retired Louisiana congressman Jindal interned for during college, will serve as chairman of Believe Again; Rolfe McCollister, a politically-connected Baton Rouge businessman, is the treasurer. Brad Todd, a Washington-based Republican operative, will be the super PAC’s primary consultant.

“We are very confident that this super PAC will be well-supported,” Todd told the Washington Examiner Wednesday evening. “Republican primary voters are looking for a conservative leader who has proven he has big ideas and proven he can put those ideas into action.”

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