Bipartisan Energy Meeting at WH Cancelled

Fox News’ Major Garrett has learned that President Obama’s meeting on comprehensive energy legislation with bipartisan members of Congress originally scheduled for Wednesday has been cancelled.

Though a White House official says the meeting has been postponed due to general scheduling conflicts, Hill sources tell Fox the reason for the scheduling slide is to allow the president to focus on his much anticipated meeting with Gen. Stanley McChrystal, who is under fire for remarks he made in a series of interviews with Rolling Stone magazine.

The White House and Congressional Democrats have been trying to use the Gulf Coast oil spill as an impetus to pass an energy bill that transitions America away from its dependence on fossil fuels, increases the use of renewable energy sources, and places a price on carbon pollution. Republicans say that the Democrats’ legislation amounts to an energy tax.

A White House official tells Fox the meeting will be rescheduled for next week.