Biden: 'I'm disappointed in Donald Trump'

Vice President Joe Biden says he's not happy with how Republican front-runner Donald Trump is dealing with the issue of immigration, in a wide-ranging "60 Minutes" interview about his decision not to run for president.

"I'm disappointed in Donald Trump," Biden said. "I know what a showman and all that he is. But I really, I really don't think it's healthy and I hope he reconsiders this sort of attack on all immigrants. I think that is, I think that is beneath the country."

"I hope he really doesn't believe it," Biden added.

Trump made a splash when he first announced by saying Mexico is sending criminals and rapists to the U.S., comments that won his derision from Democrats but seemed to immediately shoot him to the top of the Republican field. Trump has been at or near the top for months, although Ben Carson has taken over the lead in Iowa in some recent polls.