Biden adviser Anita Dunn leaves the White House

She will now transition to playing a key role as an outside adviser to President Biden

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Top Biden adviser Anita Dunn is leaving her position at the White House.

Dunn's final official day at the White House will be Thursday, Fox News has confirmed. She will now transition to playing a key role as an outside adviser to President Joe Biden, an arrangement similar to the one she had with former President Barack Obama.

Dunn had always intended to have her stint at the White House last only a few months but stayed a little bit longer than expected as she attempted to assist the president in pushing his economic agenda through Congress.

With the Senate this week voting to pass Biden's infrastructure bill, Dunn will finally transition to her role as a close confidant to the president.


"Anita is a backbone of Team Biden and her leadership was critical not just to the campaign but to our first 200 days in the White House," White House communications director Kate Bedingfield told Axios. "She's someone all of us turn to as a sounding board and for guidance — and although she may wish we’d leave her in peace, that definitely won’t change!"

Dunn served as senior campaign adviser and White House communications director under Obama, and has long been one of the most well-known Democratic political operatives. She will now transition back to SKDK, a well-known political consulting firm she helped found.

Dunn recently generated controversy when it was reported that she had not publicly disclosed her finances, a typical requirement of presidential appointees.

The White House argued that Dunn was actually a special government employee, a class of employee who can avoid disclosing finances if they have a salary less than $132,500 and work under 130 days.

There were 205 calendar days between Inauguration Day and Thursday, while 147 of those would have been considered "work days" when eliminating weekends and federal holidays.

Anita Dunn is a "special government employee required to file OGE Form 450," which is a confidential financial disclosure form, a White House official said.


The New York Times reported last month that the White House views Dunn's departure "as a brief moment to breathe before she starts to plan the president’s re-election, which so far he has indicated he intends to wage."