Assange says public has right to know about upcoming release of Clinton documents

More documents connected to Hillary Clinton’s campaign are set to be released as early as next week, according to WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange.

Assange said in an interview with Fox News talk show host Sean Hannity, which aired Wednesday, the public has a right to know about these documents.

While he didn’t give much information regarding the details of the documents, Assange did say that, “the material we are working on around the clock is significant”.

During the interview on “Hannity,” Assange said that the liberal press is legitimizing a “ruling party candidate to come out and say that opposition leaders and the press are foreign agents in order to turn around a domestic scandal, that’s a really serious problem.”

When discussing the DNC leak, Assange said that “we saw the resignation of five of the top DNC officials including the president.” He also added that, “in fact MSNBC, Politico and NBC were exposed as conspiring with the DNC to subvert Bernie Sanders campaign.”

The WikiLeaks founder added that the public is the one that runs with the scandals, suggesting that the liberal media pushes certain agendas aside.

While WikiLeaks is determined to “wake people up” and expose the truth the public has very little to worry saying, “we publish information from political parties and governments, were not interested from private individuals unless their billionaires or trying to manipulate or to drive the political system in some way.”

Hannity asked Assange if he had any information regarding Republican Presidential Candidate, Donald Trump, Assange said they would publish any information they had, but while he “makes controversial statements, he doesn’t have any history of being in government”.

Hannity then joked that Trump doesn’t use his email personally, a reference to Clinton’s ongoing email scandal for using her private email address during her time as Secretary of State. Clinton’s server had over 2,000 emails containing classified material.