Anti-Trump documentary will be re-released

A 2012 documentary about Donald Trump's battle for Scottish real estate is resurfacing as the billionaire mogul's profile continues to rise.

Emerging Pictures is re-releasing "You've Been Trumped," which chronicles Trump's attempt to build two golf courses and a 450-bedroom hotel at the Menie Estate on Scotland's east coast, a project that received resistance from local residents because it would encroach on environmentally fragile land.

"Whether you support him or not, Donald Trump is everywhere these days," Emerging Pictures' Ryan Markowitz said in a statement to Entertainment Weekly. "This documentary gives insight into a project of his and how it was conducted, which is ever more important as he touts his business credentials as the mainstay of his presidential bid."

Anyone who wants to request a theater screening of the documentary can visit for more information. The film is also currently streaming on Hulu.

In a 2012 Entertainment Weekly interview, filmmaker Anthony Baxter discussed why he decided to take on Trump, who currently leads the Washington Examiner's presidential power rankings.