Anti-establishment Trump to fundraise for RNC

Donald Trump has had an icy relationship with the Republican establishment, but now he is raising money for them.

Trump is reportedly set to attend a December fundraiser for the Republican National Committee, which will also be attended by Rep. Paul Ryan, who appears likely to be elected House speaker this week, and RNC Chairman Reince Priebus.

The RNC Presidential Trust Dinner, an annual event held by the party, will feature some of the party's biggest backers, with the asking price per person reaching $35,000. Politico first reported the news.

When reached for comment, the RNC confirmed that Trump was invited to the event along with rest of along with all the other 2016 candidates.

"All candidates have been invited, but we do not comment on the details of our fundraising efforts," RNC National Press Secretary Allison Moore told the Washington Examiner via email.