Abortion opponents to protest Planned Parenthood nationwide

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Abortion opponents are planning to protest outside more than 300 Planned Parenthood clinics Saturday morning, in their largest coordinated demonstration yet against the prominent women's health and abortion provider.

For decades, abortion foes have picketed Planned Parenthood clinics for providing women with hundreds of thousands of abortions every year. But this time, they've got something new to rally around: a series of undercover videos highlighting how some of the group's clinics provide aborted fetal tissue to biomedical companies.

The enormous attention the videos have garnered are prompting the protest organizers to make some bold turnout predictions. Eric Scheidler, director of the Pro-Life Action League, said he's "fully confident" at least 10,000 people will participate but thinks it's possible as many as 100,000 might show up.

What's fueling the interest, organizers say, is how the footage shows Planned Parenthood workers discussing fetal tissue. In one video, an official appears to be haggling over the compensation for a fetus with undercover actors posing as human tissue buyers. In another, a medical director talks about "crushing" some parts of the fetus while keeping desirable organs intact.

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