A Sweet Victory For Nancy Pelosi

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., has been getting a lot of negative predictions lately in the game of politics and how Democrats are going to fare in the midterms, but at least she got a little good news in the sporting world.

She’s now the proud owner of some Hershey's chocolate and a trip to the World Series.

It’s all thanks to a friendly wager with Democratic Pennsylvania Senator Arlen Specter.  The two bet on whether the San Francisco Giants or the Philadelphia Phillies would win the National League Championship.  If the Phillies won, Specter would receive a batch of Ghiradelli chocolate; but if the Giants won he had to hand over a batch of Hershey’s chocolate.

Turns out the Giants won Game 6, making Pelosi the bet winner.  In case you were wondering, she prefers dark chocolate.

Friendly bets between lawmakers on the World Series is pretty common. Last year New York Governor David Patterson and Pensylvania Governor Ed Rendell,  had their own wager.  The state with the losing team had to offer a weekend vacation to a resident of the state with the winning team.