Karl Rove

Political contributor

Karl Rove joined Fox News Channel (FNC) as a political contributor in February 2008. He also currently serves as a columnist for the Wall Street Journal.Read More

Since becoming a contributor, Rove has provided political analysis and commentary for each presidential election since 2008. Rove has contributed to the 2024 election coverage as well as FNC's 2022 midterm elections and previously contributed to FNC’s highly-rated special coverage of the 2020 Democratic and Republican National conventions.

Prior to FNC, Rove worked on the 2000 Bush presidential campaign as well as Bush's reelection in 2004, leading to his most recent and notable job as Deputy Chief of Staff under President George W. Bush's administration. He also served as a senior advisor and assistant to the President. Before his position as Deputy Chief of Staff, Rove was a political consultant to a number of Republican candidates, including Bill Clements and Phil Gramm. Rove was president of the Karl Rove & Company public affairs firm, worked on the Republican National Committee, and taught at the LBJ School of Public Affairs at the University of Texas at Austin.

Rove attended the University of Utah where he began his career with the College Republicans as their executive director and later went on to become chair of the organization.