Daniel Hoffman

Daniel Hoffman

Daniel N. Hoffman is a former CIA station chief who joined the Fox News Channel as a contributor in August 2018.Read More

During his 30 years of fine government service, Hoffman held several high-level positions with the Central Intelligence Agency including a Senior Executive Clandestine Service Officer.

Hoffman's assignments included tours of duty in the former Soviet Union, Europe, and war zones in both the Middle East and South Asia. Hoffman developed extensive, substantive expertise on geopolitical and transnational issues related to the Middle East, South Asia, Russia, counterterrorism, as well as cyber and counter-intelligence. He speaks fluent Russian, Estonian, Finnish and Urdu.

He also served as an associate professor at the Army Command General Staff College.

Now in the private sector after retiring from government service in 2017, Hoffman remains highly regarded for his policy experience and his work with foreign officials in the regions where he served. He is a frequent public speaker on cybersecurity, terrorism, Russia, and leadership.

During 2018, Hoffman was on assignment for Fox News in Singapore to cover the North Korea Summit and in Helsinki for the Russia Summit.

A graduate of Bates College with a degree in History, Hoffman earned Masters Degrees in History from the London School of Economics and Public Policy at Harvard. Hoffman is a recipient of the CIA's Distinguished Career Intelligence Medal.