Charles Hurt

Fox News Contributor

Charles Hurt joined FOX News Channel as a contributor in 2016, frequently appearing as part of the "All Star Panel" on the network’s nightly newscast Special Report (weeknights, 6PM/ET).Read More

In addition to his role on the network, Hurt serves as the opinion editor for The Washington Times. He also authors the publication’s Nuclear Option column, where he focuses on the current state of national politics, fiascos of media bias and the various criminal activities of politicians and bureaucrats. 

Over the course of his career, Hurt has covered Washington for a variety of newspapers and has traveled extensively with the then-presidential campaigns of John Kerry, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. From 2011-2016, Hurt served as an editor at the Drudge Report and previously, was the DC Bureau Chief for the New York Post, where he covered the White House, traveling with Presidents Bush and Obama while writing a weekly column about national politics. Prior to working for The Post, Hurt was Chief Congressional Correspondent for The Washington Examiner after serving several years as Capitol Hill Bureau Chief for The Washington Times. His first job in Washington was working for the Charlotte Observer, covering then-Sen. John Edwards.

Prior to moving to Washington one week after 9/11, Hurt worked for The Detroit News for seven years covering the city’s fire department, city schools and political corruption.

A resident of Chatham, Virginia, Hurt lives in the same town where he grew up and his entire family still resides.