Yogi Berra was right about Donald Trump

Yogi Berra once said, “That restaurant is too popular, no one goes there anymore!”

That sounds exactly like Donald Trump’s “problem.” The media acts as if Donald is dead. Finished. Over. Yesterday’s news. They claim everyone hates him. These are the media headlines across the country day and night.

Me thinks they doth protest too much.

The media, pollsters and establishment politicians of both parties claim Trump would be the most unpopular presidential nominee in history. They claim women don’t like him…young people don’t like him…black people don’t like him…Hispanics don’t like him. It sounds like a reality TV show: “Everyone hates Donald.”

The media and their handpicked “experts” recommend the GOP should pick "anyone but Trump.” But is this narrative true?

If he’s so unpopular, why is he leading by a landslide for the GOP presidential nomination? Even after a brutal week of negative media headlines, self-inflicted wounds (abortion), and his top aide (Corey Lewandowski) charged with battery, Reuters has Trump up by almost 14 points nationwide in the GOP race.

If Cruz, or Kasich, or a former contender like Marco Rubio would make better candidates, how come they can’t beat Trump? How come he’s smashing them by landslide proportions?

If Rubio is a better candidate, why did Trump crush him in his own home state of Florida by a landslide?

If Cruz is such a good candidate, why has Trump crushed him in every populous primary state but his home state of Texas? Why is Trump leading Cruz in NY by 53 percent to 21 percent? Why did Cruz not win a single state on the latest Super Tuesday?  Why is Cruz in third place in some upcoming Northeast primary states? How can that guy be the nominee?

If Trump is supposedly “unpopular” polling at around 45 percent nationwide in the polls, what is Cruz at 30 percent?

If Kasich is a better candidate, then why has he won only one state? He didn’t even win convincingly in his own state of Ohio. Trump was a close second, even though Kasich put every last dollar and his entire gubernatorial campaign team to work as a “last stand.”

Explain to me why “the better candidate” (Kasich) has only won one state out of the entire country? Explain to me how “the better candidate” has rarely ever finished second to Trump, anywhere. Kasich is such a great alternative to Trump that he finished last, or next to last in almost every state. Wow, he’s really “popular!”

I’ve never seen a political race in my lifetime where the guy who’s winning by a landslide is painted nonstop by the media as “unpopular,” while the people losing by a landslide are painted by the media as “the better candidates.”

It makes no sense. Until you realize the media is desperate to create a narrative. They want us to believe that like Yogi Berra’s restaurant, Trump is so popular that "no one goes there anymore."

The problem is they do go there…in record numbers. Trump still attracts massive crowds of thousands of people at every stop, while Cruz and Kasich can’t fill a phone booth. Trump attracts more fans to one rally than Cruz or Kasich see in a month. So how could Trump be “unpopular?” How is it possible no one likes him?

New Yorkers are pretty cynical people. Yet Trump leads in the upcoming New York primary by 53 to 21.

Is a 32 point lead unpopular? Then how would you define the guy (Cruz) with 20 percent? Popular?

The media fills the headlines with stories of Trump being unlikeable and a surefire loser, while ignoring the fact that Hillary Clinton has lost 5 of the last 6 primaries to a crazy old man who is proud to call himself a socialist. If Hillary loses Wisconsin then crazy old socialist Bernie has won 6 of the last 7 primaries against Hillary.

This is how corrupt, biased, prejudiced and fraudulent the mainstream media is. The guy who rolls to victory after victory is “unpopular” “unlikeable” and “a surefire general election loser”...while the candidate they claim is the "inevitable winner" can’t beat a grumpy crackpot socialist nutcase who supports 90 percent tax rates.

The media also plays up one misstatement about abortion by Trump and makes believe this is the most important news of the year. But they conveniently forget to mention Hillary isn't running against Trump. She's running against 147 FBI agents trying to avoid an indictment. That's not big news according to the media?

Something is very wrong. A Ponzi Scheme of Bernie Madoff proportions. And somewhere up in heaven, Yogi Berra is beaming from war to ear.

After all Trump is so popular, no one likes him anymore!