By Michael ReaganPresident and Chairman of the Reagan Legacy Foundation/Ronald Reagan's Eldest Son

On April 15, in front of a sea of hard-working American taxpayers on the steps of the California State Capitol in Sacramento, I spoke about how proud my father would be of each and every one of them.

This was a scene that played out in rural and urban areas across the entire country -- enthusiastic patriots standing up against an increasingly intrusive government. Seeing Americans from all stripes -- Democrats, Republicans, independents, young and old -- should send a strong signal to our elected representatives. Americans are tired of being overtaxed and under-represented. Well, it looks like the fight is on!

This is the first significant tax battle after the conclusion of yesterday's nationwide tea party effort...but it will not be the last! That is why I plan to join Americans from Des Moines to Tallahassee, from Portland to San Diego, in the fight against out of control spending and excessive taxation. And ultimately this fight is going to take us to Washington, D.C. to take on an administration and liberal congress that has an insatiable appetite for irresponsible spending and borrowing and a proven willingness--make that eagerness--to ask more in taxes to pay for their sweeping agenda.

Ronald Reagan believed that lower taxes meant a more productive and prosperous America. And his successful battle to drastically reduce the federal tax burden on American families--first as Governor of California, then as president of the United States--led the way to decades of economic prosperity for a grateful nation.

As we all work to build off of the momentum from Wednesday's rallies, we must not forget this historic lesson nor should we forget our role in shaping tomorrow's America. So, Governor Schwarzenegger, California's legislature, Speaker Pelosi and President Obama -- I hope you are ready for a fight because that is exactly what you are going to get!

Please join me at www.reagan.com- our time is now!

Michael Reagan, eldest son of Ronald Reagan, is the president and chairman of the Reagan Legacy Foundation.