Why I've always admired Charles Krauthammer

For years I've admired Charles Krauthammer. In the old days, when I jumped out of bed to get my copy of the Washington Post, I would immediately skip ahead to his column (now I get to read it as soon as it posts on Thursday nights).

I would run home and get there just in time to see the panel discussion on "Special Report," taking off my coat only after the first segment. I turned up the volume when he spoke and shushed my husband until the commercial break.

Often I found myself saying, "That's exactly what I was thinking," except, of course, I never could express myself as well as he does.


When I was working in the publishing world, I always thought that a book by Charles would be a treasure.  I believed that a collection of his writing would be a book that people would turn to time and again to find out the answer to the question, "What would Charles say?"

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Over the years, Charles has written not only on politics and foreign policy, but on the big questions of life and death, the wonders of space, the joy of chess, his love of baseball and the importance of manners.

One of my favorite essays in the book is, "In defense of the F word...," sure to be remembered.

It was his column about his brother's death that I remember weeping over many years ago, and that's the column that leads the book.

It turns out that I'm only one of Charles' many fans -- the response to having a sampling of all of his work, plus the original opening essay that introduces the collection, was strongly positive.

As Charles chose the essays, he decided on a title that fits the collection perfectly, "Things That Matter."

Fox News viewers will be able to learn more about Charles and what he thinks matters in an hour long documentary, "Charles Krauthammer – A Life that Matters" that will air on the channel Friday, October 25 at 10pm ET.

It's been a pleasure to be a small part of this very grand project, and I hope people will find as much wisdom, joy and sincerity in it that I do.