Today, Tiger Woods spoke before close friends and family members ending his three months of silence.

Despite the controlled environment and the significant lag between his actions and public confession, Tiger was sincere and remorseful for his actions that hurt his family and disappointed his fans. Most important, he did not shy away from his infidelities and took full responsibility for his misdeeds.

The silver lining in this dark cloud was Tiger’s appraisal of how fame and fortune lead to an entitlement power trip. His assessment could serve as a warning to anyone who lives in a pop culture media-driven bubble and thinks they are above the earthly constraints of normal human relations.

Clearly, Tiger has done a significant amount of self-reflection. His comments about the teachings of his religious upbringing that emphasizes internal fulfillment will hopefully guide his actions going forward.

For the sake of his family, especially his children, let’s hope Tiger has learned his lesson and will stand by his words.

Deneen Borelli is Fox News contributor and fellow at Project21.

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