What Trump has in common with the Brexit vote

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We live in a corrupt country. We thought America was different from a Banana Republic, but we were naïve. We were wrong.

How do I know? Look no further than the panic among the media, establishment and political elite class about the possibility of Donald Trump taking power.

Everyone in power is scared and desperate to stop Trump. They’ll do anything and say anything to stop him from winning the White House.

This presidential election looks like a carbon copy of the Brexit vote in UK only months ago. And, guess what? We are seeing the same fear, panic and desperation among the Washington ruling class.

Trump is our Brexit. Let’s call our version...


There is a reason every living U.S. president and ex-president supports Hillary.

There is reason most establishment politicians of both parties support Hillary.

There is a reason the Bush family supports Hillary.

There is a reason why connected Beltway insiders (like former GOP Senator Mark Warner) are supporting Hillary.

There is a reason why the billionaires like Mark Cuban, Warren Buffett and Mike Bloomberg support Hillary (and despise Trump).

There is a reason hedge fund CEOs have given Hillary almost $50 million vs. $19,000 to Trump.

There is a reason that not one Fortune 100 CEO has given a donation to Trump.

There is a reason why Hillary is setting all-time fundraising records and outraising Trump by a mile. -- It’s all big money donations from Wall Street, banks, billionaires and billion dollar multi-national corporations.

Every corrupt, greedy, entitled, fat-cat creep is lined up to hand a bag of cash to Hillary. Because they know if she wins, “THE FIX IS IN.”

They know under President Hillary the country is up for sale. They know they’ll own the president of the United States. They know she’ll hand them the keys to the taxpayers’ vault.

On the other hand, Trump couldn’t care less about their resume, pedigree, title or wealth. He’ll throw them out the door on their butts. They’ll get rich under Hillary. They’ll starve under President Trump.

They fear Trump because they all feed at the public trough. Because they are all part of the slimy, corrupt system rigged against middle class Americans.

Trump threatens to upset their apple cart. He will turn their worlds upside down. He will end their gravy train. The jig is up -- all of their fun at the people's expense ends on November 8th if Trump is elected.

They cannot afford to let Trump get into the White House, for fear he'll gain access to the cooked books. Then their crimes and fraud and greed and bribery will be exposed. Then government bureaucrats are getting fired. People are going to jail. Career politicians and lifelong bureaucrats will lose their power and pensions. Companies will lose government contracts.

It’s simple. The people giving this record amount of campaign cash to Hillary are the people who are screwing us. -- These are the career politicians and elite political class that have gotten rich by rigging the system against us.

These are the people who know the secret handshake. They wink when Hillary says “I’m for the middle class.” Because they know this is code for “Get ready for the great highway robbery. We’re going to rip these poor helpless people off again." WINK WINK.”

They hate Trump, they fear Trump, they are desperate to stop Trump because they can never own him.

He’s not like Hillary.

Hillary is like a NASCAR driver -- she should wear patches with corporate logos on her pantsuits.

She is bought and paid for.

She is owned by foreign governments and foreign companies.

Think of all the evil despots who gave billions to her Clinton Foundation and Clinton Global Initiative.

Every one of them gained access and government contracts or awards.

Every one of them now owns President Hillary Clinton.

Every one of them can get anything they want from President Hillary or they will blackmail her.

Trump won’t promise them a thing. You can’t bribe a man worth billions. He doesn’t need their dirty money.

Amazingly, he doesn’t want their money. Trump is winning despite being tight with a buck -- he literally runs his campaign for president by spending next to nothing.

Hillary has outspent Trump by tens of millions of dollars per month, and she still can’t pass him in the polls.

The very last USC/LA Times poll of September has Trump up by 5 points.

Trump doesn’t need money. He campaigns only on the raw politically incorrect truth. Just like Brexit.

All these hedge fund moguls and Fortune 100 CEOS and lawyers and lobbyists hate Trump because Trump is our Brexit.

Just like Trump in our U.S. presidential election today, none of the media experts in the UK believed Brexit could win.

Just like with Trump, the UK establishment elite was desperate. They threw everything at Brexit but the kitchen sink.

They trotted out every political hack.

They got every media endorsement.

They tried to scare the voters with apocalyptic predictions of disaster and economic collapse.

Every oddsmaker predicted Brexit would lose. Every poll showed Brexit losing.

But the media experts and the establishment elites were all wrong about Brexit. The people ignored all their hysterical warnings and negative predictions. They’d had enough. They didn't shout this time, they whispered. Then they turned the UK political world upside down. Brexit won.

Trump is our Brexit. Just like Brexit, everyone I meet is whispering Trump's name.

Just like Brexit, the American people have had enough. They no longer listen to the mainstream media or the establishment politicians.

This is a revolution. On November 8th it’s our turn to shock the world.

Get ready for TREXIT.