By Michael GoodwinColumnist, New York Daily News/FOX News Contributor

It was the comment that launched a million laughs and got Vice President Biden a trip to the White House woodshed. It also got the President's flack a dose of ridicule for trying to spin Biden's "family" tips for avoiding swine flu.

Yet hold the jokes and consider this: What if Biden was right to warn his family to stay away from planes, trains, classrooms and other crowded spaces? Shouldn't we all give our families the same warning?

But even a stopped clock is right twice a day. Maybe this is one of those times.

I say "maybe" because nobody knows for sure. Ultimately, uncertainty is why Biden gave his family the warning.

The vice-president, who suffered a devastating family tragedy 35 years ago, clearly wants to be safe rather than sorry. Can you blame him?

I don't. And I suspect lots of people are thinking the same thing but afraid to say it, including many in government.

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