America is in sore need of spiritual revival. We have lost our spiritual compass. As we approach Easter fewer and fewer people know its true meaning. The words spoken thousands of years ago have taken on new relevance, “My people have forgotten me, days without number. “ Jeremiah 2:32.
The following are ten things that happen when we forget God:

1.   We become moral relativists.
2.   A cheapened version of spirituality devoid of God emerges.
3.   Materialism prevails.
4.   Human and civil rights are endangered.
5.   The poor are disregarded.
6.   Life is undervalued.
7.   Man becomes consumed with self.
8.   History is rewritten and identity lost.
9.   Personal responsibility takes a back seat.
10. A generation wanders.

In our efforts to offend no one, we have stood for nothing. The church will either rise to meet the challenge or become irrelevant in its complacency. The choice is ours.

Rev. Bill Shuler is pastor at Capital Life Church in Arlington, Virginia. For more visit Capitallife.org

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