University: Don't say "Man Up" or "You Run Like a Girl"

Athletes at California State University in Chico are no longer allowed to tell a teammate to "man up" if they run like a girl.

Those phrases are among many now considered inappropriate and downright offensive, according to a new educational campaign first reported by Campus Reform.

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The program is called “You Can Play” and it’s basically a way for the university’s athletic department to police what people say.

“The whole purpose of this campaign is to open people’s eyes and let them see what these words mean and how hurtful they can be,” said Haley Kroll, the co-president of the university’s student athletic advisory committee.

Cal State Chico wants kids to know that golly gosh darn-it words and phrases can hurt people.

“We want everyone to feel included, and we want our language to reflect that,” Kroll said.

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