Tucker Carlson The left's recurring theme -- Don't believe your own eyes. You're too dumb to trust your senses

The image of a mob storming over the U.S. border is awkward for the American left and its allies. For weeks, they’ve been lecturing us that the caravan is fake news. Everything is fine at the border. Here’s how some of them have described it:

CNN’s BRIANNA KEILAR: The president, along with his favorite TV network, were beating the drum on the looming, so-called “invasion” as they called it.

SAM STEIN.DAILY BEAST/MSNBC:: And in this case, I think you accurately pointed out, the programming on the caravan was propaganda. It was a political campaign motivated propaganda.”

BILL MAHER: Trump is like a racist Paul Revere! “The migrants are coming! The migrants are coming!” ... He keeps calling it an ‘invasion.’ What? An invasion of strollers?

CNN’S ANDERSON COOPER: He (Trump) made news by ratcheting up the caravan scare talk and troop numbers he believes are needed to meet this alleged threat.

The “so-called” invasion. So, people are streaming over the border, literally, what would you call it? I don’t know, you’re not allowed to call it anything, actually.

This is a recurring theme on the left: Don’t believe your own eyes. You’re too dumb to trust your own senses. Listen to the smart kids, they know best.

There is no crisis on the border -- even as hundreds of thousands of people stream into this country every year illegally. There is no illegal immigration crisis. Yes, there are 22 million people living here illegally. It’s not a crisis. It’s not real.

They’ll tell you that on a loop, endlessly, until the day they retake power, at which point they’ll say that the crisis is real, in fact, it’s so enormous we can only solve it by granting blanket amnesty to all the people here illegally. There are 22 million, after all, what else can we do?

This is a metaphor really for the left’s entire program which is built entirely on denying reality.

They deny the reality of immigration.

They deny the reality of terrorism.

They deny the reality of biological gender. And woe to the person who raises his hand and tries to insert reality into the conversation. They don’t want that.

When you have a program built entirely on denial and deception it’s not surprising you’re also against free speech. You can’t afford to have an honest conversation.

Adapted from Tucker Carlson's monologue on "Tucker Carlson Tonight" on November 14, 2018.