'Trump rage' and the Alt-Left's march of folly

It's been one week since I was in a taxi in Central London when the driver made an ill-advised turn onto Piccadilly. Then again, it wasn’t his fault that thousands of demonstrators clogged this main artery in one of the world’s great capital cities.  At first the protestors kept to the opposite side of the road, but soon they engulfed the whole width of this fashionable boulevard, bringing traffic to stop.

They carried signs with such clever slogans as:

“F—k Trump!”

“Feed Your Trump Rage with Enthusiasm!”

“Say No to Racism!”

“Love Trumps Hate!”

This last one was ironic given the many expressions of hate emanating from the signage of this mob.

“Look at them with their lattes,” my driver observed.  He had a point.  A well-heeled lot, there was little kinship between these people and the poor, hungry masses of whom Dickens wrote.

“Who is oppressing them?” he continued.  “Why not protest the Muslims who really are oppressing people?  But you won’t see them do that.  They haven’t the balls to do it.”

Given that it was largely a parade of women, they certainly didn’t.  Even so, this man was proving to be Rush Limbaugh with a British accent.

With thousands of people now on every side of this iconic black taxi, I set out on foot and moved in the opposite direction of this human onslaught.  London hadn’t been stormed like this since the Celtic Queen Boadicea sacked and burned the place in 61 AD.  Of course, her motley crew wasn’t neatly outfitted in Ralph Lauren as these modern pillagers were and she didn’t stop to take selfies, either.  But the taxi driver was right: who was oppressing these people?  And what was their objective?

“Anarchy,” said one astute Londoner.

Exhausted, I finally reached my hotel, turned on the television, and was jarred by the sight of a ranting Ashley Judd, intoxicated with the illusion that she was leading the masses in a modern storming of the Bastille:

“I feel Hitler in the streets,” she screamed into a handheld mic.

She went on to speak of gas chambers, “blacks in shackles,” and “Nazis in the cabinet.”

Was I watching—no, was I living—“Invasion of the Body Snatchers”?

Like this protest, the Left’s energy, the “Trump Rage” they seem determined to “feed,” is oddly misdirected and out of any sense of proportion.  Again, the taxi driver was right.  Muslims are burning captives alive in the Middle East; they are slaughtering Christians at a rate of 100,000 per year globally; and they are committing equally heinous terrorist acts throughout the West (and in this city) and these protestors saw the tampon tax—no kidding—as a sign of oppression and Donald Trump as a would-be Hitler.  Lattes in hand, they have no idea what oppression looks like.  So, they manufacture it, believing that if they said it enough, it will be true.

But it is all so contrived.  As C.L. Bryant, radio host and former NAACP leader, told me:

“These people want to act as if they are fighting against a racist and sexist regime, but those battles have been waged and won.  There are no doors closed to women or to people of color in this generation that were once closed to my generation.”

Moreover, the values supposedly championed by these protestors—tolerance, freedom, diversity, love—are derived from a Judeo-Christian worldview, but having divorced these ideals from God, they lacked a fixed point, thus rendering these people all sail, no anchor.  That is why they will not—and ideologically cannot—confront Islam.  To do so is interpreted as intolerant and racist.  Never mind the intolerance of Islamic states—which regularly oppress, imprison, and execute non-Muslims—and the fact that Islam is not a race, it is a religion.  That said, according to the bizarre illogic of Alt-Lefties like Madonna, blowing-up the White House seems perfectly rational.

Now, in the manner of an adolescent, feminists are seeking to keep the protest momentum going by urging people to “unfollow” Trump on Twitter.


Lena Dunham


Unfollowed ‪@POTUS, followed ‪@KamalaHarris, because women are the future of our party. ‪#MuteMonday

3:34 PM - 23 Jan 2017

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I’m sure this will be about as effective as calling him names.  What’s next?  Writing his name on the bathroom wall?