Over the past two days the American people have seen a tale of two chambers play out in their nation’s capital.

First, the State of the Union address President Trump knocked out of the park from the House floor last night to today’s impeachment acquittal vote in the Senate.

Although these two events took place less than a stone’s throw away from each other, the contrast between them could not have been clearer.


In the House chamber, President Trump re-capped a litany of accomplishments that have put our country on a historic comeback.

Meanwhile, in the Senate chamber, the do-nothing Democrats staged one final desperate act of political theater before the Senate voted to draw the curtains on the Democrats’ years-long sideshow and acquit President Trump.

Today’s vote against impeachment vindicates President Trump from this partisan vendetta.

Unable to beat him at the ballot box, Democrats set out on a singular mission to discredit Donald Trump even before he took the oath of office.

They attempted to stoke suspicion starting with the phony, DNC-funded dossier, which led to a baseless, multi-million-dollar taxpayer-funded investigation into phony claims of Russian collusion and then when that failed, they pursued this sham impeachment.

They hoped the steady stream of politically motivated investigations would discredit our duly-elected president in the eyes of the American people and throw him off course.

They were wrong.

Even in the face of unprecedented obstruction, President Trump has ignited a great American comeback by making good on the promises he made.

As President Trump outlined last night, consider all his administration has achieved in just three short years.

Thanks to the biggest tax cuts in a generation, combined with deregulation and energy independence, our economy is booming.

There are more job openings than workers to fill them, wages are rising at the fastest pace in a decade, and unemployment rates for every sector of Americans are at the lowest levels in fifty years.

After decades of watching our factories shutter and millions of American jobs get shipped overseas, President Trump is finally putting our workers, manufacturers, and farmers first.

Last week, our negotiator-in-chief just signed a new, state of the art trade deal with Canada and Mexico that critics had long written off as impossible.

This on top of a phase one trade deal with China that will be a boon for agriculture producers throughout the heartland and protect American intellectual property.

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While Democrats promise amnesty and free healthcare to illegal immigrants, President Trump is securing the border.

Illegal border crossings are down 75% since the spring and almost 500 miles of new wall will be built by the end of the year.

President Trump signed landmark criminal justice reform that is giving thousands of Americans a second chance at life.

That includes Alice Johnson, whose story millions of Americans saw during Sunday’s Super Bowl.

We have taken out two of the world’s top terrorists and rebuilt our military.

Nearly 200 constitutional, conservative justices have been confirmed to the federal bench.

All this, and to borrow a phrase from the President, the best is yet to come!

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., might be able to tear up the President’s speech in a petty, disgusting display of political partisanship, but she can’t take away the incredible progress our country has made under President Trump’s leadership.

Despite Democrats’ many attempts to obstruct his agenda and distract from his accomplishments, the American people know President Trump has been fighting for them.

His approval ratings are higher than ever.

Americans’ satisfaction with the state of the economy is up over twenty points since President Trump took office.


By every single measure, from rising consumer confidence to increased take-home pay, the American people are better off now than we were three years ago.

Just imagine all that President Trump will achieve in a second term: four more years of promise-keeping, America first leadership.


The American people will not forget how Democrats tried to divide our country with a baseless impeachment sham instead of working with President Trump on policies that improve our quality of life.

On Nov. 3, Democrats will reap what they have sowed when voters across America resoundingly reject their obstructionism and vote to reelect President Trump.