Top California Democrat: Reliance is the ‘American Way’

Kevin de Leon is a Democrat State Senator from Los Angeles.  He also is the newly inaugurated leader for California Democrats and was just sworn in as the 47th President pro Tempore of the California State Senate.

The Los Angeles Times called his inauguration “an extravagant bash.” It was held at the Disney Concert Hall where “corporate interests — oil, telecommunications, pharmaceuticals and others who lobby Sacramento — paid for the $50,000 bash through the Latino Legislative Caucus Foundation.

Sadly, his speech accepting his new responsibilities is getting little attention from the California media.  Maybe that’s because reporters in the Golden State are used to hearing a growing chorus of Democrats embrace the welfare state and dismiss hard work.  De Leon made his political and legislative intentions very clear as 2,000 supporters watched his ascension at the concert hall.

“Isn’t it time we shatter the great American myth about pulling oneself up by the bootstraps?” De Leon asked the crowd.

The audience broke into rousing applause.  De Leon continued, “It’s a fantasy.  It’s simply not true.”

Really? The American “myth”?

But de Leon didn’t stop there. “Every single one of us, whether rich or poor, is relying on someone else for our own success,” he said. De Leon proudly says, “And reliance, reliance is nothing of shame -- it is the American way.”

Ladies and Gentlemen, if you ever thought that the American dream was under assault, that Democrats are out to encourage Americans to learn to love a handout instead of hard work, here's proof.  It’s no wonder businesses are leaving California every day.  California Democrats are out to kill the American dream by ridiculing the commitment to hard work.